Wayne Dunlap

Wayne Dunlap

Name: Wayne Dunlap
Eye Color: Unknown
Hair Color: Black
Gender: Male
Age: 31 or 32 (if the show was set in 2010)
Area: Atlanta, Georgia (the Department Store)
First Appearance: “Guts”
Last Appearance: “Guts”
Actor: Unknown


While not much is known about Wayne Dunlap’s pre-apocalypse life, it was known that he was born in 1979, had a gifrlfriend, wife, or daughter named Rachel when he died, and was an organ donor. He died while trying to evacuate the city, and had $28 in his pocket as well as a picture of Rachel. While Rick and Glenn came up an alleyway, Morales and T-Dog beat Wayne and another walker to death. In order for Rick and Glenn to escape the department store, they dragged Wayne’s boddy inside and dismembered/gutted him in order to use the stench of his blood and innards to disguise themselves as walkers. Although never shown, Rick said he would tell his family about Wayne if he found them.

Additional Information on Wayne Dunlap:


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