Shane Walsh Trivia

Trivia about Shane Walsh.


  • In the comic series, Shane is killed by Carl in the forests near Atlanta, Georgia in the ending of the first volume of the series. In the show, he makes it past the forest and leaves Atlanta with the rest of the group. He makes it to Hershel’s Farm and ends up living longer than Sophia and Dale. Unlike in the comics, he is alive to find out that Lori is pregnant. He has a similar death to that of the one in the comics. In all, his character development up until the episode “Wildfire” is very similar to that of how he was in the comics.
  • His signature shotgun is a Glock 17.
  • Shane had a very different outlook than Rick, mostly involving his temper and attempts to forget about the old life. These become traits in Rick in the third season.
  • In Season 2, he becomes the first person in the TV series to kill a living character (Otis in “Save the Last One”).
  • In “Better Angels”, Jon Bernthal tried to convince co-executive producer/makeup artist Gregory Nicotero to let him be the first speaking walker, saying “Riiiiiick”, but Nicotero declined.
  • Jeffrey DeMunn (Dale) flew from New York to watch the filming of Shane’s death in “Better Angels”.
  • The death of Shane is actually “reversed”. In the comics, Carl killed Shane when he was alive, and then was killed by Rick as a walker. In the show, Rick killed Shane when he was alive, and then was killed by Carl as a walker.
  • In the comics, Shane was buried and mourned before he reanimated. In the show, it took only minutes to reanimate.
  • AMC’s TV store accidentally leaked images of Shane’s death on March 1st, 2012 (on the promotional materials for the Season 2 Blu-Ray set). Other websites also leaked them, including the Walking Dead Wiki.
  • The Atlantic wrote in review of Shane’s death: “With Shane out of the picture in the comics, Otis doesn’t die until a zombie attack that happens many issues later. And 94 issues into the series, Sophia is still going strong. (Viewed in this light, the TV series is a kind of Bizarro-World version of It’s a Wonderful Life for Shane: How many lives were worse because he lived?).”
  • According to Robert Kirkman, Shane’s TV death was planned before the first episode of season 1 was filmed. Before Frank Darabont found out the first season would only have six episodes, Shane was originally going to die in the first season. It was later decided that Shane would die at the end of the second season.
  • For a while, fans were unsure why Shane turned into a walker must faster than Amy and why he turned even though he wasn’t bit or scratched. Glen Mazzara explained: “We worked hard to make sure that revelation landed. We knew what we were doing there. We knew it would land a punch. We’ve never had a main character become a zombie to this extent. Those [rapid flashes of zombie mayhem] represent the storm in Shane’s brain to some extent … Amy was a weaker character. Shane is in a murderous rage … he’s going to reanimate quicker. There’s just more life in that zombie, believe it or not. We do have internal rules for that.”
  • Shane was the first person that Rick witnessed reanimate without being bit.
  • He is one of the few characters to have appeared in almost all forms of The Walking Dead media. He has appeared in the comics, TV series, Video Game, Assault, and Social Game.
  • Unlike his appearance in the comic books, Shane is in his mid-30s, while the comic book Shane is 25.
  • The Walking Dead Wiki says: “At the 2012 Emerald City Comic-Con featuring a panel with Jon Bernthal and Laurie Holden, Bernthal revealed what his version of Shane’s death would have been. The ending would have been the same up until the point when Shane and Rick walk into the clearing while searching for Randall. Rick would have asked why they are stopping in the field as they need to find their prisoner, to which Shane would have confessed that he had killed Randall which is a job Rick should have done himself. Shane then would have pulled his gun on Rick leading to similar dialogue between the two men as in the final episode, with the second change being that Shane would have admitted he was there to kill Rick. Rick would then have had similar dialogue as in the episode asking why he was doing this, as he thought they settled their issues in “18 Miles Out.” Rick would have then thrown his gun away, instead of holding it in a non-confrontational position, insisting that Shane would have to kill an unarmed man. Shane would have then charged Rick and putting his gun into Ricks’ face using the same insults as in the final episode about Carl and Lori, but adding a new insult such as “I tasted your wife.” Rick would have then stabbed Shane to death as in the final episode, having the same dialogue as in the episode telling Shane it was his fault that he was being killed, not his own. When Shane would have came back as a zombie, Rick (having thrown his gun away), would have picked up Shane’s gun to shoot him. When attempting to pull the trigger Rick would come to the realization that Shane never put any ammo into his gun, and must’ve brought Rick out there to have him kill him, forcing Rick to finally be more like Shane. Carl would have then had shown up and killed zombified Shane, similarly again to the final episode.”

1 thought on “Shane Walsh Trivia

  1. Do you know what type of wrist watch Shane wears in episode 1, Days Gone By? FYI a glock 17 is a pistol not a shotgun.

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