Shane Walsh Full Bio


Shane was the best friend of Rick Grimes ever since high school. He played football under #22. It is known that Shane was a prankster, and he once stole the principal’s car. During his high school years, he had an affair with the school’s P.E. teacher. Along with Rick, he went into police administration and they both worked as deputies at the King County Sheriff’s Department. When Rick started his family, Shane stayed close. He himself never married, but had several relationships. When the apocalypse strikes, he helped Lori and Carl leave their current city and head towards the supposedly safe Atlanta, where there is said to be a refugee center. However, they met a roadblock. There, they met with the Peletier family and saw Atlanta get hit with napalm from military helicopters.

Days Gone Bye

Rick and Shane were eating hamburgers in a car talking about women when they were called into a high-speed chase. After the first two criminals were killed, Rick was shot by the third criminal, sending him into a coma. A few days later, when the apocalypse strikes, Shane is certain Rick is dead and has to escape the hospital. He took care of Lori and Carl at the survivor camp.


Shane and Lori had an affair, as they still thought Rick was dead at this point. He notices Lori’s wedding ring, and is reminded by Rick. She continues to believe that he is dead like Shane told her, and their relationship continues. Taking the role of father since they thought this, Shane taught Carl how to tie knots and use different survival techniques. They later receive a radio message from other members of their survival group who made a run to Atlanta for supplies; however, they can’t understand what the group is saying. Amy gets mad at Shane after he thinks that the others are trapped there and there’s nothing they can do about it.


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