“Days Gone Bye” Trivia

Trivia from “Days Gone Bye“.


  • Days Gone Bye” marks the first appearance of 13 characters. They are:
    • Rick Grimes
    • Shane Walsh
    • Lori Grimes
    • Lambert Kendal
    • Morgan Jones
    • Duane Jones (First and Last Appearance)
    • Dale Horvath
    • Amy
    • Carl Grimes
    • Jenny Jones (First and Last Appearance)
    • Summer (First and Last Appearance)
    • Leon Basset (First and Last Appearance)
    • Hannah (First and Last Appearance)
  • In the scene when Rick is going to the gas station, he walks past two dead bodies in cars. In the show, they remain stationary. However, in a deleted scene, they move. In addition, they were going to chase Rick through the station.
  • “Days Gone Bye” was the most watched TV Series premiere on AMC.
  • The episode is named after Volume 1: Days Gone Bye, which was a collection of the first six issues of The Walking Dead comics.
  • The name is thought to refer to the the number of days that had gone by since Rick was in the coma or that the days before the outbreak were now gone forever.
  • Despite the fact she didn’t appear in the episode, Laurie Holden (Andrea) was credited as a main cast member.
  • Steven Yeun (Glenn) appears as a voice at the end of the episode, but he doesn’t appear otherwise.
  • Hannah (aka Bicycle Girl Zombie) was featured in the Webisodes.
  • The tank at the end of the episode is an old British Chieftain, a tank that was never used by the United States Military. However, it was modified in order to look like a M-1 Abrams. In most cases, old Centurions are used to fill the role. Producers chose the Chieftain due to its hatch beneath, which the M-1 Abrams does not have.
  • The song “Space Junk” by Wang Chung plays at the end of the episode.
  • This episode is the first one to share a name with a comic. Others include “Made to Suffer” and “This Sorrowful Life”.
  • “The real villains in The Walking Dead are the living, and the real horror isn’t the death that comes from the teeth and nails of zombies but the moral compromises made to avoid that fate. It’s a survival story in the truest and bleakest sense, a story of the triumph of surviving an impossible situation, and the devastation of what that survival does to you.” – Leonard Pierce

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