“Days Gone Bye” Goofs

Goofs from “Days Gone Bye“.


  • During the police chase scene, the deputies set up the roadblock incorrectly. In reality, the patrol cars would have been angled to point in the direction of traffic so that if the criminal tries to run the roadblock, the cars would be pushed to the side of the road instead of killing the officers between them.
  • Rick is shot just below his left shoulder initially. When he is shot again, it is in the side. When he wakes up in the hospital, there is a bandage over his lower left abdomen and there isn’t a mark on his back.
  • Rick claims to be going south on I-85 going into Atlanta. However, it is not the skyline of Atlanta you would see if you were going south. It was actually the skyline from Freedom Parkway, which faces west.
  • While in Atlanta, Rick passes a bus that is not the kind used in Atlanta.
  • During the criminal shootout after the car chase, the elbow pad of the first criminal is visible when he is falling.
  • The M-1 Abrams tank does not have a belly hatch. The one in the show does. Information from IMDB says “The tank which Rick hides in is a Chieftain MK-10. It is a British Army tank designated FV4201, manufactured by Leyland and used by the British Army between 1966 and 1995. The tank in the episode (along with those seen outside CDC later in the “Wildfire” episode) are all painted tan and feature the inverted black “V” which was used to identify Coalition troops during the First Gulf War. This model of tank was never in service with the American Army and as such it would be highly unlikely to see four of them abandoned in Atlanta as depicted.”
  • When Rick wakes up from his coma, his IV bag is empty. When IV lines are empty, blood backs up into it because it forms a vacuum. There isn’t any blood in Rick’s IV bag/line.

Incorrectly Regarded as Goofs

  • From IMDB: “When Rick finally makes his way out of the hospital, and is standing in the courtyard surrounded by corpses, the building he is supposed to have just left has clearly been abandoned for some years and is partially decaying. The building is revealed to have been partially blown up by the military in a Flashback scene in “TS-19″ which accounts for is dilapidated and damaged appearance.”
  • From IMDB: “When Rick is on the horse in the city and he sees the reflection of a helicopter, he runs into a mass of zombies. Look closely and you will supposedly see a clean non-zombie guy drinking from a cup in the back left of the zombie mass. However, if you look real closely in the zombie mass in the previous shot before the horse jerks back and the shot after when the hoard of zombies start chasing Rick you will see the same “non-zombie guy” on the left and his face indicating he is actually one of the zombies. You can tell it’s the same guy because of the shirt/dark sleeveless leather jacket he’s wearing.”
Season 1
“Days Gone Bye” | “Guts” | “Tell It to the Frogs” | “Vatos” | “Wildfire” | “TS-19

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