Rick Grimes

Rick Grimes

Name: Rick Grimes
Eye Color: Blue
Hair Color: Dark Brown
Sheriff Deputy
First Appearance:
Days Gone Bye
Last Appearance: N/A
Actor: Andrew Lincoln


Before the apocalypse, Rick worked at the King County Sheriff’s Department as a sheriff’s deputy along with his best friend, Shane Walsh. He was injured on duty and went into a coma, which he remained in while the apocalypse began. He woke up alone, and eventually found his wife, Lori, and son, Carl. From there, he began to take on leadership responsibilities of the group.

Appearance, Traits, and Personality

Rick Grimes is fairly tall and has a slim body. Despite the fact his age has never been specified, it is assumed that he is in his mid to late 30s. He has dark brown wavy hair that begins to grey later on. At first, Rick just keeps facial stubble, which eventually becomes a small beard. Even though his clothes change throughout the show, he is most known for his beige and brown police uniform and brown cowboy hat (which later belongs to Carl). His iconic gun is his Colt Python .357 Magnum.

Although facing the stress of living in a zombie-filled world, Rick is, in most cases, calm, smart, and a good friend and father. Originally, he would hold onto his moral code, which often caused tension. Later on, his morals became weakened. Unlike Shane, Rick is a natural leader, which often caused problems between them. His greatest flaw is his “ability” to set himself goals that are impossible to reach, and when they fail, he blames himself. On numerous occasions, this has made him argue with Lori and Shane.

Even despite his flaws, he has excellent combat skill and genuine care for the members of his survival group, as he is incredibly protective of them. After the death of Shane, Rick loses some mental stability, and his morals are changed. He then becomes focused on protecting the group and preventing their death, but begins to shut out everyone else who needs help.

After the burning of the farm, Rick used his leadership and combat skills to keep the group alive for eight months, later leading them to the prison. When Lori dies, Rick becomes more unstable, now turning into a ruthless and uncompromising leader.

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