Glenn Rhee

Glenn Rhee

Name: Glenn Rhee
Eye Color: Brown
Hair Color: Black
Gender: Male
Age: Early-20s
Occupation: Pizza Delivery Boy
First Appearance: Days Gone Bye” (Voice)
Last Appearance: N/A
Actor: Steven Yeun


Prior to the apocalypse, Glenn worked as a pizza boy, which served as an asset for the group when they were located in Atlanta since he knew different routes.

Appearance, Traits, and Personality

Glenn Rhee is in his early 20s and is Korean-American. His traits include being bright, agile, thin, resourceful, quick-thinking, and brave. Being so youthful, he often takes risks for the group. Even despite the bad situations he’s been through, he remains enthusiastic. Of the group, he expresses some of the most emotion for the other members. While at Hershel’s farm, he starts a relationship with Maggie Greene, which later gets stronger and he is willing to do anything to keep her safe. He is very loyal, and he did not buckle under Merle’s interrogation to locate the group.

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