“What Lies Ahead”

The Walking Dead - What Lies Ahead

Title: “What Lies Ahead”
Season: Two
Air Date: October 16th, 2011
Written By: Ardeth Bey; Robert Kirkman
Directed By: Gwyneth Horder-Payton; Ernest Dickerson
Viewers (U.S.): 7.26 Million
Previous Episode: “TS-19”
Following Episode: “Bloodletting”


The survivors encounter an abandoned highway blocked by empty cars when the radiator hose to Dale’s RV bursts aprt. They scavenge the ghost highway for fuel and supplies. After noticing a herd of walkers, the group hides. T-Dog accidentally cuts himself on a car door. Scared from the walkers, Sophia runs off into the woods. Rick follows after her and finds her, and directs her to hide under a tiny hollow in the stream. He leaves to deal with the walkers, but when he returns he doesn’t find Sophia. The survivors form a search in order to find her before sunset. While looking for her, Carl finds a beautiful stag deer in the forest, and he is accidentally shot by a hunter.

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