The Walking Dead - Bloodletting

Title: “Bloodletting”
Season: Two
Air Date: October 23th, 2011
Written By: Glen Mazzara
Directed By: Ernest Dickerson
Viewers (U.S.): 6.70 Million
Previous Episode: What Lies Ahead
Following Episode: “Save the Last One”


Rick tries to get help after Carl gets shot, and runs towards a farm. There, Carl is tended to by a man named Hershel Greene. The bullet that landed in Carl has shattered into six individual fragments. Hershel informs Rick that Carl needs a transfusion. Upon trying to remove the first piece, he realizes that he will need to have surgical equipment. Otis and Shane head towards a FEMA evacuation center and try to get the equipment. Meanwhile, Hershel’s daughter Maggie rides off on a horse to bring Lori to the farm. Back on the highway, Dale finds out that T-Dog’s arm has gotten infected.

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