Amy Harrison Trivia

Trivia about Amy Harrison.


  • Andrea says in “Guts” that Amy is “a kid in some ways”, as she still likes fantasy things, like dragons, unicorns, and particularly mermaids.
  • Amy says that she misses her computer and texting most.
  • She is the only recurring character to have gotten a promotional poster for Season 1. On it, she is seen wielding a baseball bat as a weapon – however, she is never seen using a weapon in the show.
  • She is the first female character to be killed on-screen on the show.
  • In the comic series, she was only a couple years younger than her sister, whereas in the show, she is twelve years younger.
  • In the comic series, she was killed before reanimation. In the show, she was killed by Andrea after reanimation.
  • In The Walking Dead: Survival Instinct, a man named Terry Harrison mentions that he is looking for his two daughters, Amy and Andrea. This could be considered an easter egg or a part of TWD canon. Neither are confirmed.

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