Amy Harrison Full Bio


Amy Harrison was the younger sister of Andrea. Not much about her pre-apocalypse life is known other than the fact she was living in Atlanta, Georgia in a dorm room of the college she was attending. She and her sister were on a road trip and were headed back to college when the outbreak began. Being stranded in Atlanta, Dale Horvath rescued them.

Days Gone Bye

After Rick Grimes‘ voice is heard over the radio, Amy attempts to respond to his calls. However, the transmission does not go through.


When the Atlanta survivor group receives a distress call from T-Dog, Amy says the group should help them, as her sister is with them. Shane, however, objects due to the fact it could be too late. Amy then gets frustrated with him, explaining that Andrea and the others had volunteered to get supplies for everyone else.

Tell It to the Frogs

After the safe return of the Andrea and the others, Amy reunites with her sister and shares a hug with her. After Carl Grimes and Sophia Peletier discover a walker eating a deer, Amy and others come to investigate the situation. When Dale begins to chop the walker’s head off, both she and her sister look away, disgusted. She later does the laundry int he quarry with Andrea, Jacqui, and Carol, and shares that she misses her computer and texting when the women bring up what they miss most. Ed Peletier, Carol’s wife, eventually comes around and starts to bark at the women, and tells Carol it’s time to go. Andrea stands up for Carol while Amy asks her to stop in attempts to avoid a fight. Ed then slaps Carol, and everyone watched in shock when Shane began to beat up Ed.


Amy and Andrea go fishing on the lake in the quarry and talk about their experiences with their dad fishing. They discover that they were taught different methods based on their feelings, character, and personality. The two later return with several fish, but Dale interrupts their excitement with news of Jim digging odd holes. Around the campfire, Dale discusses his watch’s story, making everyone go silent. Amy then breaks the lull in talking by saying “You are so weird.” Later on, she goes to the RV’s bathroom, and is attacked by a walker after she comes out, being bitten on her arm. The group then realizes that the camp is overrun by walkers. Amy is bitten again, this time in the neck. She then dies in Andrea’s arms, which leaves her sister heartbroken, depressed, and suicidal.


Being that the next day was Amy’s birthday, Andrea put the mermaid necklace she found around her sister’s neck as she laid dead in Andrea’s arms all night until the morning. When she reanimates as a walker, Andrea apologizes for all of the things she never did for her sister, then shoots her when she reaches for Andrea and tries to bite her. She is later buried in the funeral of the dead campers.


While in the woods searching for Sophia, Andrea tries to comfort Carol, who tells her that her biggest fear is that Sophia will end up like Amy. She immediately apologizes and says that it was the worst thing she ever said to anyone.


Shane badgers Andrea during her shooting lesson. During his anger, he tells her to pretend that the swinging log target was the walker that killed Amy, which caused Andrea to walk away in anger. Later on, he apologizes for bringing up Amy.

“Pretty Much Dead Already”

Shortly before the barn massacre occurred, Shane gets mad and yells at everyone that walkers are “mindless, emotionless, dead creatures who do nothing but kill others”, and he reminds Andrea and the others that because of them, Amy and Otis died.

“Walk With Me”

Andrea tells Merle about all of the people from the Atlanta survivor group that died since he went missing. It was apparent that Merle liked Amy to a degree, calling her a “good kid”.

“Say the Word”

Carl, while listing off names of female members of the group who had since died as possible names for the baby, mentions Amy.


Rick begins to receive mysterious phone calls from different survivors who he thinks are part of another group that is safe. The first caller is from a young woman (Amy) who is excited to have made contact with someone, and she reveals that she and the other survivors are safe, but she refuses to reveal the location. While she was willing to help, she insisted that Rick let her speak with the other members of the group. Even despite his pleading, she hangs up. Lori later calls back and tells him that the people he spoke to were Amy, Jim, and Jacqui.


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