Amy Harrison

Amy Harrison

Stats and Biographical Information

NAME: Amy Harrison
GENDER: Female
AGE: 24
OCCUPATION: College Student
FIRST APPEARANCE: “Days Gone Bye” (S01E01)
LAST APPEARANCE: Vatos” (S01E04), “Wildfire” (S01E05, as corpse), “Hounded” (S03E06)


Amy Harrison was the sister of Andrea, and was younger by twelve years. Because of the age difference, the two sisters had a lot of resentment; Andrea had left for college and didn’t visit Amy often. After the beginning of the outbreak, they became closer, even despite the fact that Amy was still deeply upset with her sister for correcting her, judging her, and often telling her what to do.

The entire time, Amy remained optimistic and in good-spirits attributed to her youth. At the camp, she often looked over the children. She was quick to defend anyone being antagonized by the other survivors.

Additional Information
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