Carl Grimes Trivia

Trivia about Carl Grimes.


  • Carl is indirectly responsible for the deaths of Dale, having provoked the walker who ended up killing him, and Lori, as preventative measures so she would not reanimate.
  • His “atomic paw” shirt is an easter egg to Robert Kirkman‘s comic series Invincible, where the character Science Dog features the logo.
  • Carl is one of the last two remaining living characters from the first episode, the other being Rick.
  • He has the the second most episode appearances in the series next to his father.
  • He is the first person to receive Hershel Greene’s medical care. The others were Daryl Dixon, Randall, Beth, Michonne, and Allen. He is also the first two be subject to friendly fire.
  • According to Rick, he shares the same blood type as his father: A+.
  • Like other members of the group, Carl no longer believes in God or any kind of afterlife.
  • In the episode “Seed”, Carol reveals that Lori delivered Carl by C-Section. In the comics, Rick is the one who mentions it.
  • Beth and Carl both lost their mothers and own an object that once belonged to one of their parents. Carl owns his father’s hat, and Beth owns her mother’s necklace.
  • Over the course of the outbreak, Carl becomes colder and darker, similarly to his father.
  • Carl’s main sidearm is a Beretta 92FS with a suppressor. The gun he took from Daryl was a Browning BDA, a gun he later used during the farm invasion and to kill Shane and Lori. The gun became his secondary weapon.
  • In “Home”, Carl first attempted to kill a human: the Woodbury gunman in the tower. It also proved that Carl was an accurate shooter, since most of his bullets were close to the gunman. In the same shootout, he is the only one to not use an assault rifle; this is either because he is comfortable with his pistol or Maggie was not able to take one up to him.
  • His first human kill is Jody in “Welcome to the Tombs”.
  • In the comic series, Carl started as being seven years old (later becoming nine), where in the TV Series, he started as being twelve and turning thirteen.
  • In the comic series, Carl kills Shane while he is alive and Rick kills him while he is undead. In the TV Series, it is the opposite.

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