Andrea Harrison Trivia

Trivia about Andrea Harrison.


  • In “Tell It to the Frogs“, Andrea says that the items she misses most are her “Vibrator”, “Sat-nav” (satellite navigation), her “Benz” (Mercedes-Benz), and GPS.
  • She has had a sexual relationship with the main antagonist in both Season 2 and 3: Shane Walsh and the Governor.
  • A man named Terry Harrison in The Walking Dead: Survival Instinct mentions his daughters, Amy and Andrea. It is unconfirmed whether or not this is canon, though The Walking Dead Database considers it to be for the time being.
  • After Amy’s death, Andrea wanted to commit suicide throughout Season 1 and 2, stating she had “nothing else to live for”. When she found something to live for in Season 3, she is bitten in the neck by Milton Mamet, and meets her end via suicide.
  • She’s the last human death in Season 3.
  • She is the second character whose comic version is currently alive in the comics but died in the TV series. The first was Sophia Peletier.
  • Ironically, the circumstances of Andrea’s death were very similar to Amy’s: Andrea was bitten in the same location of the body as Amy, both were killed via gunshot to the head by Andrea, and both being at a grave disadvantage against the walker that did them in.
  • She is the only bitten member of Rick’s group to have committed suicide. Like the others on the show, it happened off-screen.
  • In Season 3, Andrea began the season with a high fever and ended the season with a high fever. Her first appearance was lying on a wall next to Michonne, and her last appearance was lying on a wall next to Michonne.
  • Andrea dies in the same clothes she wore when she first met Michonne.
  • According to a poll on The Walking Dead Database, most fans of the show said that her death wasn’t soon enough.

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