Charlie Adlard Trivia

Trivia about Charlie Adlard.


  • The Walking Dead creator Robert Kirkman has praised Charlie Adlard on his work numerous times.
    • “My dream artist is Charlie Adlard…When it came time to replace Tony I looked at a few artists before I settled on Charlie simply because I didn’t think Charlie would do it. Just to be sure, I offered him the gig and was shocked when he accepted.”
    • “Charlie’s art is much more gritty and dark than Tony Moore‘s I think it’s a much better fit for what I wanted to do and where I wanted to go with the book.”
  • Issue 106 was the 100th issue illustrated by Charlie. In order to commemorate the occasion, a variant cover featured Charlie with some personal items, such as his drum kit, Star Wars LEGOs, and a car.

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