Addy Miller Trivia

Trivia about Addy Miller.


  • Addy has two younger brothers, Andrew and Rylan. Both of them have Autism. She has since joined forces with the Autism Society of NC to help raise funds and awareness, all the while attending different conventions with The Walking Dead cast members.
  • Rylan appeared as the baby in Paranormal (2009). Addy enjoyed showing him off on the set. The movie was also Addy’s first use of the black screen in order to make her appear more ghostly.
  • She is passionate about horses and would like to own one some day.
  • She won “Clubber of the Year” award at her local Awana Club for 2007-2008.
  • For The Secret Life of Bees (2008), the producers wanted her to cut her hair, and she ended up having 6″ cut off.
  • She gets straight A’s in school. She used to attend a private Christian school, but because of her busy schedule, she became home schooled, starting in 5th grade. Part of her schooling is to memorize a bible verse each week.
  • Addy is an avid soccer player.
  • In Blood Done Sign My Name (2010), all of the dresses worn by Addy were her own dresses from home. The dress she wore in the picnic scene is the same dress she wore when she auditioned for her role in The Secret Life of Bees.
  • Her mother is an identical twin.
  • Addy’s name actually comes from her middle name, Addison, which is her aunt’s middle name.
  • Her great aunt is Marjorie Strickland, the sketch model for the original Snow White. Her hair, face, and body movements were scene in Disney’s Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs (1937).
  • She is considered to be a natural comedian, as she often pulls jokes on the family.
  • Her makeup for Little Girl Zombie in The Walking Dead took about two and a half hours to apply and one hour to remove. She filmed the scene when she was ten years old.
  • Addy performed all of her own stunts in the show, and it was her first experience doing so. It required throwing herself off a ladder backwards. She says that this was her favorite part of filming the scene.
  • Prep work for the scene included having a full head cast mold made, having it flown to LA for specialized prosthetics designed specially for her face, and having her teeth molded and eyes measured.
  • While filming the scene, Addy had to stay in the full costume and makeup for seven hours on set. The only thing she didn’t have to wear were the eye contacts, as they were put in right before she filmed the closeup sequences, and she wore them for about one and a half hours.
  • While filming Hatfields and McCoys: Bad Blood (2012) in December in Kentucky, Addy wore a vintage wardrobe piece. While inside one of the tents, her dress blew into a gas heater and caught fire. Sean Flynn was able to put the fire out. In order to continue filming, they had to make sure they didn’t film her from behind.
  • While working on Plan 9 (2013), Addy worked with the last surviving cast member of the original Plan 9 from Outer Space (1959), Conrad Brooks. In the movie, he portrays her psychic grandfather in a new scene written just for the two.
  • Addy’s beauty and ghostly role in Ghost Trek: The Kinsey Report (2011) was done in one day. She did beauty makeup and wardrobe in the morning for a quick photo shoot. Later, she was put into ghoulish makeup, meanwhile the wardrobe distressed the dress for the later shoot.

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