The cast of The Walking Dead.


Actor Name Role
Adam Minarovich Adam Minarovich Ed Peletier
Addy Miller Addy Miller Little Girl Walker
Adrian Kali Turner Adrian Kali Turner Duane Jones
Alexyz Danine Kemp Alexyz Danine Kemp Walker
Andrew Lincoln Andrew Lincoln Rick Grimes
Andrew Rothenberg Andrew Rothenberg Jim
Anthony Guajardo Anthony Guajardo Miguel
Blade Blade Siggard’s Family Horse
Brent Bernhard Brent Bernhard Unnamed Criminal 3
Brian Stretch Brian Stretch Tank Walker
Carl Cunningham Carl Cunningham Walker
Chance Bartels Chance Bartels Walker
Chandler Riggs Chandler Riggs Carl Grimes
Charles Casey Charles Casey Walker
Chick Bernhard Chick Bernhard Unnamed Criminal 2
Christoph Vogt Chrisoph Vogt Walker
Cody Rowlett Cody Rowlett Walker
Derrick McLeod Derrick McLeod Walker
Eddie Rattanasouk Eddie Rattanasouk Walker
Emma Bell Emma Bell Amy
Erin Leigh Bushko Erin Leigh Bushko Walker
Frances Cobb Frances Cobb Camp Survivor
Gary Whitta Gary Whitta Pajama Walker
Gregory Nicotero Gregory Nicotero Walker
Greg Wattkis Greg Wattkis Walker
IronE Singleton IronE Singleton Theodore “T-Dog” Douglas
Jeffrey DeMunn Jeffrey DeMunn Dale Horvath
Jeryl Prescott Sales Jeryl Prescott Sales Jacqui
Jevocas Green Jevocas Green Walker
Jim R. Coleman Jim R. Coleman Lambert Kendal
Joe Giles Joe Giles Atlanta Suited Walker
Joe Hernandez Joe Hernandez Walker Under Tank
Jon Bernthal Jon Bernthal Shane Walsh
Juan Pareja Juan Pareja Morales
Keisha Tillis Keisha Tillis Jenny Jones
Kristen Sanchez Kristen Sanchez Walker
Larry Mainland Larry Mainland Walker
Laurie Holden Laurie Holden Andrea
Lauren Cohan Lauren Cohan Maggie Greene
Lauren Henneberg Lauren Henneberg Walker
Lennie James Lennie James Morgan Jones
Linds Edwards Linds Edwards Leon Basset
L. Stephanie Ray L. Stephanie Ray Camp Survivor
Maddie Lomax Maddie Lomax Eliza Morales
Madison Lintz Madison Lintz Sophia Peletier
Max Calder Max Calder Baseball Bat Walker
Melissa Cowan Melissa Cowan Bicycle Girl Walker
Melissa Suzanne McBride Melissa Suzanne McBride Carol Peletier
Michael L. Covington Michael L. Covington Parent
Michael Rooker Michael Rooker Merle Dixon
Mike Kasike Mike Kasiske Black Suited Walker
Nilsa Casto Nilsa Castro CDC Lab Technician
Noah Lomax Noah Lomax Louis Morales
Noel Gugliemi Noel Gugliemi Felipe
Norman Reedus Norman Reedus Daryl Dixon
Rodney M. Hall Rodney M. Hall Walker
Ryan Kightlinger Ryan Kightlinger Walker
Samuel Witwer Samuel Witwer Tank Walker
Sarah Wayne Callies Sarah Wayne Callies Lori Grimes
Scott M. Yaffee Scott M. Yaffee Walker
Shanon Brinson Shannon Brinson Female Gas Station Walker
Sonya Thompson Sonya Thompson Walker
Stephen M. Phillips Stephen M. Phillips Walker
 Steven Warren Steven Warren Walker
 Steven Yeun Steven Yeun Glenn Rhee
 Tommy Mack Turvey Tommie Mack Turvey Unnamed Criminal 1
Viviana Chavez-Vega Viviana Chavez-Vega Miranda Morales

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