Locations (TV Series)


This list is arranged alphabetically and not by the role the locations play in the show.

Location Name First Appearance
 The-walking-dead Atlanta, Georgia Season 1
 Atlanta Nursing Home Atlanta Nursing Home Season 1
 Atlanta Survivor Camp Atlanta Survivor Camp Season 1
 CDC outside Center for Disease Control (CDC) Season 1
 Rural Zone Elders Mill Road Season 2
 Fort Benning Map Fort Benning Season 1
 S03E14 mill001 Grantville Mill Season 3
 Hershel's Farm TV Greene Family Farm Season 2
 Hospital Harrison Memorial Hospital Season 1
 Hershel's Farm TV Hershel’s Farm (See Greene Family Farm) Season 2
 Highway 85 Interstate 85 Season 1
 TWD GP 312 0917 0032 King County Café Season 3
 Carl's school King County Elementary School Season 2
 Kings County, Georgia King County, Georgia Season 1
 Kings County Sheriff Building King County Sheriff’s Department Season 1
 Mert County Mert County, Georgia Season 2
 Patton's Bar Patton’s Bar Season 2
 Siggard's house Siggard’s Farm Season 1
 Steve's Pharmacy 7 Steve’s Pharmacy Season 2
 Unnamed chruch Southern Baptist Church Season 2
 Deer Cooler Sportman’s Deer Cooler Season 3
 CabañaHermit The Shack, Georgia Season 3
 Daycare Center Unnamed Daycare Center Season 3
 Zombies attack door Unnamed Department Store Season 1
 High School Unnamed High School Season 2
 Hotel (This Sorrowful Life) Unnamed Motel Season 3
 Roadside Store Unnamed Roadside Store Season 3
 The Highway 2 Vehicle Jammed Highway Season 3
 Verlin's Feed & Seed Co Verlin’s Feed & Seed Co. Season 3
 The Prison West Central Prison Season 3
 Wiltshire Estates TV Wiltshire Estates Season 2
 Arenan Woodbury Arena Season 3
 Woodbury tv Woodbury, Georgia Season 3
 Yellow Jacket Creek Yellow Jacket Creek Season 3
 SayTW Zombie Capture Area Season 3

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