Atlanta Survivor Camp

Atlanta Survivor Camp

Type: Campsite
Location: Atlanta, Georgia
Appeared In: Days Gone Bye“; “Guts“; “Tell It to the Frogs“; “Vatos“; “Wildfire


Before the apocalypse, the campsite was a nature park with a dense forest, mountain cliffs (formerly a quarry), and a lake. Several types of animals, like squirrels, birds, deer, and fish, all lived in the area, often feeding off of the park’s rich vegetation. It is likely that the State of Georgia let campers and hikers use this as a public park to hike, camp, fish, and rock-climb.

After the outbreak began, several people seeking help made their way towards Atlanta for safety and military protection. Walkers also made their way to the city, and overran the shelter and outposts that had been established. When Shane Walsh and Lori Grimes found out that the city had been overrun and the military installation had been destroyed, the set up their own outpost at the park. Ed, Carol, and Sophia joined them, as did other survivors from the city.

The group was able to live off the park’s abundant resources, like the animals, water, shelter, and safety provided by the woods. Amy and Andrea would fish on the lake, Daryl hunted squirrels and other animals, the women would wash the clothes, and Dale would keep watch. The cliffs also provided protection since they were away from the city and it would be hard to pin-point loud sounds to the park. Some survivors would make supply runs to Atlanta for things that the park couldn’t provide, like equipment, tools, and medicine.

Despite the area being seemingly safe, walkers began to leave the city, having run out of food, and exploring rural areas. The first walker seen in the camp begins eating part of the deer Daryl tracked. Eventually, on a quiet and peaceful night, a group of walkers attacks many of the survivors. After the attack, the group realizes that the camp isn’t safe anymore and that it is time to leave for the CDC. Morales and his family, however, stay behind in order to leave for Alabama to be with his family.


  • Shane Walsh – Best friend of Rick Grimes; Former Sheriff Deputy
  • Lori Grimes – Wife of Rick Grimes; Mother of Carl Grimes
  • Carl Grimes – Son of Rick and Lori Grimes
  • Glenn Rhee – Youngest adult in the group
  • Andrea – Amy’s older sister
  • Amy – Andrea’s younger sister
  • Dale Horvath – Oldest person in the group; Owns the RV
  • Carol Peletier – Mother of Sophia Peletier; Wife of Ed Peletier
  • Sophia Peletier – Daughter of Carol and Ed Peletier; Best friend of Carl Grimes
  • Ed Peletier – Father of Sophia Peletier; Husband of Carol Peletier
  • Daryl Dixon – Crossbow-wielding redneck; Younger brother of Merle Dixon
  • Merle Dixon – Older brother of Daryl
  • T-Dog – African-American; Best friend of Jacqui
  • Jacqui – African-American; Worked at Atlanta Zoning Office; Best friend of T-Dog
  • Morales – Father of Louis and Eliza Morales; Husband of Miranda Morales
  • Miranda Morales – Mother of Louis and Eliza Morales; Wife of Morales
  • Louis Morales – Son of Morales and Miranda Morales; Brother of Eliza Morales
  • Eliza Morales – Daughter of Morales and Miranda Morales; Sister of Louis Morales
  • Jim – Mechanic; Lost his family to the walkers
  • Thirteen Unnamed People – Campers with no names who get eaten

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