Atlanta Nursing Home

Atlanta Nursing Home

Type: Residential Building
Location: Atlanta, Georgia
Appeared In: Vatos


Prior to the apocalypse, the Atlanta Nursing Home served as a rest home for senior citizens. Among those who resided there were Abuela and Mr. Gilbert, who were under the care of Felipe and others who worked at the home. Guillermo worked there as the custodian. Since a good number of the medical staff fled to their family or to evacuate Atlanta when the outbreak began, a few of the staff members decided to stay behind to help the seniors that would otherwise be on their own.

Eventually, Rick, Daryl, and Glenn encountered members of the Vatos gang while in Atlanta trying to recollect Rick’s dropped guns. During the confrontation, Daryl shot Felipe in the rear, while Glenn was kidnapped by the gang. Daryl captures Miguel, a member of the gang, and takes him back to Rick. There, they interrogate him to lead them to the Vatos gang’s base. Miguel then takes them to the Atlanta Nursing Home, where they are greeted by several armed members of the Vatos gang.

The building featured a loading dock filled with equipment, a good number of vehicles, and dozens of Vatos gang members working on the cars. Guillermo and Felipe nearly started a gunfight with Rick and his group until Abuela, Felipe’s grandmother, comes out. It is then discovered that the gang swore to protect the seniors, and they were fixing the cars so they could get every senior out of Atlanta. They gave back Miguel and in turn received Glenn. From there, they left the nursing home alone and Rick donated some of his guns and ammo to the gang so they could protect the nursing home.


  • Guillermo – Leader of the Vatos gang; former custodian
  • Felipe – Former nurse; Sent to Atlanta to retrieve the bag of guns; Was shot by Daryl Dixon and survived
  • Jorge – Guard; Went to Atlanta to retrieve the bag of guns
  • Miguel – Felipe’s cousin; Went to Atlanta to retrieve the bag of guns
  • Abuela – Felipe’s grandmother; Inhabitant of the nursing home
  • Mr. Gilbert – Inhabitant of the nursing home; Asthma attack sufferer
  • 30 members of the Vatos gang (at least)
  • 30 inhabitants of the nursing home (at least)

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