Atlanta, Georgia

Atlanta, Georgia

Type: City
Location: Atlanta, Georgia
Appeared In: Season 1; Season 2


Atlanta is the capital of Georgia as well as its most populated city, being home to about 5.5 million people. It is also the 9th largest metropolitan area in the United States. The city is the primary transportation hub of the Southeastern US, as the highways, railroads, and airports are almost always busy.

When the outbreak began, the government and military broadcasted that larger cities would provide better protection. However, they were not able to handle the situation. They failed to keep the walkers back, and more and more people were getting infected. Checkpoints, outposts, and shelters were overrun while vehicles were burned or abandoned. People who attempted to flee via the freeways and highways became jammed in their own traffic, which left the vehicles vulnerable to the walkers.

The Center for Disease Control, also known as the CDC, was based in Atlanta, and workers were trying to find a cure for the outbreak, code naming it “wildfire”. When the cities became completely overrun by walkers and members of the military turned, the remaining military called in bombers to drop napalm on the cities, but they were not efficient.

Most of the city remained intact since the streets were targeted, and not the buildings. When Rick Grimes entered the city, there were several burned vehicles on the streets. For the most part, overrun cities provided safety for those living in the outskirts, until they started heading into rural areas.



  • Glenn Rhee – Originally from Michigan; Moved to Atlanta, Georgia later in life; Worked as a pizza boy
  • Morales – Lived with his family before the outbreak
  • Miranda Morales – Lived with her family before the outbreak
  • Eliza Morales – Lived with her family before the outbreak
  • Louis Morales – Lived with his family before the outbreak
  • T-Dog – Lived in Atlanta before the outbreak
  • Jacqui – Worked for the Atlanta Zoning Department; Lived in Atlanta before the outbreak
  • Amy – Attended college in Atlanta; Lived in a dorm room
  • Jim – An auto mechanic; Specialized in car and vehicle repair

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