Locations in The Walking Dead.

Location Appears In
Atlanta, Georgia Season 1
Atlanta Nursing Home Season 1
Atlanta Survivor Camp Season 1
Center for Disease Control (CDC) Season 1; The Walking Dead Social Game
Clementine’s Neighborhood Video Game Series
Everett Pharmacy Drugstore Video Game Series
Fort Benning Season 1
Hershel’s Farm Season 2
Highway Camp The Walking Dead Social Game
Interstate 85 Season 1
King County, Georgia Season 1; The Walking Dead: Dead Reckoning; Webisodes
King County Sheriff’s Department The Walking Dead: Dead Reckoning
Macon, Georgia Video Game Series
Mert County, Georgia Season 2
Patton’s Bar Season 2
Savannah, Georgia Video Game Series
Self Storage Facility Webisodes
Siggard’s Farm Season 1
St. John’s Dairy Farm Video Game Series
Steve’s Pharmacy Season 2
Southern Baptist Church Season 2
The Shack, Georgia Season 3
The Train Video Game Series
Travelier Motel Video Game Series
Unnamed High School Season 2
Vehicle Jammed Highway Season 2
West Central Prison Season 3
Wiltshire Estates Season 2
Woodbury, Georgia Season 3

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