“What is- what’s GREATM?”

Glenn Rhee, Season 5 Episode 7 “Crossed”

GREATM is the acronym that Tara Chambler creates for the group, consisting of Glenn Rhee, Rosita Espinosa, Eugene Porter, Abraham Ford, Tara Chambler, and Maggie Rhee. While trying to get over the melancholy atmosphere from the disappointment stemming from Eugene Porter’s lie about being a scientist, Tara distracts herself by creating the name, which she describes as being, “Us. Group name, solidarity, band of brothers…GREATM.” She jokes to Glenn about getting it tattooed on her knuckles before tossing one the water bottled marked “G” to him (she has marked all of the bottles with each person’s initial).

Related Quotes

  • “That’s great news for GREATM…less great news for GREATM, we just scraped the bottom of the water barrel.” – Tara Chambler [5.07]
  • “What is- what’s GREATM?” – Glenn Rhee [5.07]
  • “Us. Group name, solidarity, band of brothers…GREATM. Thinking about getting a tattoo on my knuckles. Sorry, I’m just trying to think of something else, you know?” – Tara Chambler [5.07]

Appearances and References

  • Season 5 Episode 7 “Crossed”
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