The Walking Dead: Dead Reckoning Synopsis

The Walking Dead: Dead Reckoning


The Walking Dead: Dead Reckoning focuses on Shane Walsh surviving the outbreak while Rick was in his coma. AMC’s website announced the game on February 8th, 2012.


Chapter One: Domestic Disturbance: Taylor Residence

Chapter One begins with Shane Walsh and Leon Basset in a conversation. Leon says he’s arrested a man by the name of Robb Spanner at The Rusty Nail, and asks Shane what he should do with the captured man – let him go or haul him off to jail. A woman named Mrs. Heller claims that a teenager has attacked her. Shane now has two options: see if she is hurt or ask her what she knows about the Taylor family. Mrs. Heller tells them that she heard shouting and loud noises eminating from the Taylor home, which Shane runs over to.

Chapter Two: House Calls

Upon entering the Taylor home, Shane finds out that Gary Taylor has commited murder, killing his daughter Patty’s boyfriend, Paul, by shooting his head off with a shotgun. Gary runs upstairs with Shane hot on the trail. Eventually, Shane catches Gary and gets him to go into the police cruiser.

Chapter Three: Habeas Corpus

While at the King County Police Station, Leon informs Shane that Robb Spanner is beginning to look terrible and smells even worse. Gary is put in the same cell as Robb, and Leon is bit by the latter.

Chapter Four: Patient Zero

At the station, the police officers watch the news, and a woman reports that the Mercy Hospital’s emergency room is full. Patty then walks into the station with an odd wound that is covered in blood, and tells the officers that Paul had a fever all day and that when he woke up, he was violent and not himself. She also states that she once dated Shane. From there, Shane tells Patty to sit down in the other room to rest while she waits for her father, Gary.

Chapter Five: First Blood

Shane asks fellow deputy Don to transfer Gary Taylor into the interrogation room. Just as Don begins to open the jail cell to get Gary, Lori sends a text to Shane saying that she is going to visit Rick at the hospital. However, Shane decides to go instead. Robb, who has turned into a zombie, bites Don, killing him, and then attacks Gary. Still at the station, Shane shoots Robb several times, but nothing happens. When he shoots him in the head, however, it kills him. Gary says that Robb acted just like Paul while Leon goes to get Patty.

Chapter Six: No Turning Back

Having been bit by Paul earlier, Patty turns and attacks Leon. When Shane tries to pull Patty away from Leon, Gary tries to intervene. Shane pushes Patty’s father away, and shoots his daughter with a shot to the head. Shane then texts Lori that he is on his way, and plans to warn her about the strange happenings with the infected people.


Shane announces that he will go to Atlanta after checking on Rick’s condition, while Leon says he’ll stay behind to take care of Gary. Suddenly, Leon is jumped on from behind by Don, who has turned into a walker. It is uncertain if this is how Leon turned, as the game ends here and fades to black.


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