1.01 – Affiliations

In no way are we affiliated with AMC or Robert Kirkman. This is an unofficial database dedicated to delivering information to fans. We are not receiving any kind of money for this site.

1.02 – Spoilers

If you are not caught up with the current canon of The Walking Dead, then it is likely you will encounter spoilers. Any spoilers for upcoming canonical events may only be found in the ‘news’ or ‘blog’ section.

1.03 – Viewer Discretion

View discretion is advised. There are graphic images on this site that is not recommended for anyone under the age of 13 (anyone younger should get permission from an adult first).

1.04 – Video Screening

In general, we do not screen videos first. Videos may contain adult content. Watch videos with caution.

1.05 – AMC/Robert Kirkman Owns All!

All content found on this site (images, videos, etc) belong to Robert Kirkman and/or AMC.

1.06 – Opinions in the Commenters

Commenters have the right to share their opinions, and therefore we will not remove opinions just because we don’t like them (unless they are offensive, vulgar, and/or inappropriate). We are not responsible for any content found on links to websites that are not ours, and we cannot guarantee their accuracy, authenticity, or content.

If you do not like these terms, feel free to leave this site now.

If you are ok with the terms above, feel free to have a look around.


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