Shane Walsh

Shane Walsh

Name: Shane Walsh
Eye Color:
Hair Color:
Dark Brown
Sheriff Deputy
First Appearance:
Days Gone Bye
Last Appearance:
“Better Angels” (“Made to Suffer” as Hallucination)
Jon Bernthal


Before the apocalypse, Shane was Rick Grime‘s partner in the King County Sheriff’s Department. Ever since high school, they had been best friends. Shane, when the outbreak got bad, saved Lori and Carl Grimes by evacuating towards Atlanta. He assumed Rick was dead, being that he had no life support and was in a coma.

Appearance, Traits, and Personality

Shane has an athletic body, which came from his years playing football. In the beginning of the outbreak, he had dark brown curly hair, but he later shaved it off. He was one of the few characters to change from protagonist to antagonist. His dissension began when Rick returned and Lori left Shane for him, and continued when he vied for leadership with Rick. Overall, Shane was morally unstable, losing any sense of guilt or shame in order to survive. Even despite his downfall, he was good with firearms, having been a gun instructor. When he appears as a hallucination in “Made to Suffer”, he is seen with b

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