Adoption is the act of taking custody of a child less than 18 years old that is not one’s own.

In the Comics

  • During the apocalypse, Tyreese looked after Chris.
  • Dale and Andrea adopted Ben and Billy after their parents Allen and Donna died.
  • Glenn and Maggie adopted Sophia.
  • Rick somewhat adopted Ron Anderson after he and Ron’s mother started a relationship.
  • Negan takes Carl under his tutelage after attempting to kill him.

In the TV Series

  • When it is assumed Rick is dead, Shane unofficially adopts Carl. He continues to serve as a father figure even after Rick returns.
  • Hershel began to take care of Beth’s boyfriend, Jimmy, after the apocalypse began, since it was too dangerous to go elsewhere.
  • Rick takes care of Lori’s baby even if she is not his daughter.

In the Video Game

  • Lee adopts Clementine when she can’t find her parents, who are later found to be dead.
  • David Parker survived with Travis and Ben Paul, though it wasn’t really adoption.
  • Technically, the group adopted Ben Paul when they allowed him into the group.
  • Lee adopts Ben Paul, and Kenny refers to him as “one of the kids”. When Lee is bitten and Kenny is mentally unstable, Christa and Omid talk about supporting Ben.

In the Social Game

  • After Summer‘s parents die, she is taken care of by the other members of the group, particularly T-Dog.

In the Books

  • In Rise of the Governor, Brian Blake adopts his undead niece after his brother is shot and killed by Nick Parsons.

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