Andrea’s Season 4 Appearance?

Fans of The Walking Dead were upset by the fact Andrea was killed off during the Season 3 finale, “Welcome to the Tombs”. Well, to those devastated fans, you will be happy to know that you haven’t seen the last of Andrea, as she is set to appear in flashbacks during Season 4…and maybe in another fashion we don’t know.

On May 22nd, the Examiner posted that a Facebook page dedicated to Laurie Holden fans posted a question – “Do you think Andrea will appear as a ghost when The Walking Dead returns in October?”. It is a possibility to consider, but most of the 1,000s of comments started to debunk this idea.

Most of the fans agree that Holden will appear in flashbacks, while others think she could be a hallucination. Rick saw hallucinations of Lori after she died…maybe Michonne will see Andrea. Afterall, Michonne did tell Rick that she still sees the dead (aside from walkers…). While the “ghost” idea is a possibility, it seems more likely we’ll see flashbacks from the nine months in the woods…as even Robert Kirkman thinks there is room for this.


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