How Lori Grimes Could Still be Alive

Many people believe that Lori Grimes is still alive, despite the fact most fans accept her as dead. But could she still be alive? Let’s take a look at the evidence. (Note: I am not a Lori Grimes Is Alive Theorist)

How Lori Grimes Could Still Be Alive

  1. We never saw Carl shoot his mom. When Lori went into labor, Maggie had to perform an emergency C-section in order to keep the baby alive. As she comes towards the group, who is in front of the prison, a gunshot is heard, and Carl emerges from the prison. Rick then breaks down.
  2. Eventually, Rick finds a bloated walker with strands of Lori’s hair in his mouth. Rick shoots it, then stabs it in the belly repeatedly. However, no body parts are found.
  3. When Rick discovers the room where Lori went into labor, he finds a bullet fragment on the floor, and there is no blood surrounding the area where he found it.
  4. No bones or body parts remained. Besides, would it all fit into a walker’s belly?

The Theory of What May Have Happened (From:
Note: This was written November 16th, 2012…before episode ‘Hounded’ aired, when Carol was found

Carl, as bad-ass as he has become in Season 3, still does not have the heart to shoot his own mother in the face. He shoots wide and leaves Lori, who has passed out due to the pain and blood loss, to “rest in peace.” Carol, who is still running through the prison, stumbles upon Lori just as a Walker is approaching her. She fends off the Walker, stabbing it between the shoulder blades and knocking it into the wall. She then grabs a semi-conscious Lori and escapes the room. With Lori as “dead” weight, Carol cannot keep up the pace for long. Panicked, she scours the hallways for a room she had seen before – the Infirmary! Though not “professionally’ trained, Carol does her best to patch-up Lori to the best of her abilities as she hears a gunshot ring out from the room she saved Lori from. Help could be on the way.

Though these ideas are pure speculation, given the facts above, nothing adds up to either Carol or Lori definitively being dead. There is enough wiggle room there to imagine numerous possibilities rather than the one given to us. But, if I’m right, and Lori is not “dead,” there are even more ideas that can be brought into this amazing season!


1 thought on “How Lori Grimes Could Still be Alive

  1. I would love it if that were true. I keep telling my daughter that I bet Lori is still around, even if it’s as a walker.

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