The Walking Dead TV Action Figures Series 5 UPDATE!

Recently, we posted that there would be Maggie Greene and Glenn Rhee figures being released in Series 5…however, Maggie is not as confirmed as we thought. Glenn has been confirmed, along with another version of Rick Grimes. The date has remained the same (though it is subject to change, as fans of McFarlane toys well know).


19 thoughts on “The Walking Dead TV Action Figures Series 5 UPDATE!

  1. Where are you getting this info?

      1. is his name matthew gomes??

  2. when do they come out and are these legit??

    1. December, 2013, and yes, the series will contain Rick Grimes and Glenn Rhee (unless they get changed by McFarlane..but in general, McFarlane keeps their word).

      1. May 7, 2013 — 9:41 PM

        Oh ok then im gonna wait til series 5

      2. yeah he told me a couple days ago too

      3. Hold on I might be able to solve this

      4. Yup he said Glenn is in wave 5!!

      5. Thanks! That’s what I thought. I’m excited.

      6. Yeah me too I made a custom one interested ? Want a picture of it?

      7. ok yeah that’s what I thought but matthew gomes told me that glenn would no longer be in wave 5 but he is trying to sell me glenn for 115$ and I thought I was onboard with it but he said glenn wasn’t going to be anymore and I needed a glenn but im happy I saw this post so I can save 100$!!!

      8. I’m not sure. He told me a couple of days ago Glenn was part of it, so I don’t know. I’m almost certain Wave 5 will contain Glenn.

      9. yeah me too

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