The Walking Dead Infests Wells Fargo Center

On April 21st, 2013, the Wells Fargo Center will become an obstacle course that fans can become a part of. Entitled “The Walking Dead Escape”, visitors will get a taste of the zombie apocalypse. According to Liam Brenner, the executive producer and creator of the event, it takes place during the beginning of the zombie apocalypse, and you are coming to the arena to be evacuated. However, something has gone wrong. There is also seating available for those who just want to watch the chaos. It is the first time that The Walking Dead Escape has been to Philadelphia.

Those who participate can be walkers, survivors, or spectators. The course itself features climbing, crawling, running, and sliding, all the while avoiding walkers. With a total of eleven obstacle zones, there are walkers that fill each one.

Each of the participants who play walkers get dressed up by makeup artists, who were selected by Greg Nicotero, the executive producer and director of The Walking Dead. They also get the chance to get “zombie training” to know how to act.

Survivors must be quick and be alert, as the slowest almost always die first. Brenner said that the course is designed for fans who have a wide range of abilities. Some parts of the maze are designed to think more than use athleticism. For those who have limited physical abilities, there is an “easier route”, and no one is disqualified if they are unable to complete an obstacle. Fans are also able to come in costume.


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