Maggie and Glenn’s Food Field: Highlights of the 2013 Paley Fest

Paley Fest 2013 - The Walking Dead

The 2013 Paley Fest offered some great interviews with cast and crew members from AMC’s The Walking Dead. Some of the guests included were Greg Nicotero, Andrew Lincoln, Danai Guirera, Laurie Holden, Norman Reedus, Steven Yeun, and Robert Kirkman himself. The fest, which was hosted by The Talking Dead‘s Chris Hardwick, was a TWD fan’s dream.

While interviewing Laurie Holden (“Andrea”), the Governor was brought up, and whether or not she trusted him. Chris Hardwick brought up the fact that she must still like him enough to sleep in bed with him, and Norman Reedus burst in mentioning that Daryl did as well.

Later on, Steven Yeun was asked what his ideal world for he and Maggie would be, and said “a food field”, which became a running gag for the rest of the night, talking about steak trees and Wonka land.

Eventually, Lori’s death was brought up, and a member of the audience in the back suddenly blurted out “I haven’t even seen the series yet!”, obviously mad at the spoiler. Chris Hardwick then made fun of the person, joking about why they even came if they hadn’t seen the show. Upon mentioning T-Dog’s death, he poked fun at the audience member again.

Audience questions provided some interesting topics as well. The final two questions became the oddest moments of the night. The man who was originally going to be the final question had to promise that his question was important. He did, but it turned out he wanted to ask Greg Nicotero if human flesh tasted like chicken. Instantly, the crowd started booing the crazed questioner. The second question was just strange in all ways – a man asked about if the walkers ever invaded the cast members’ dreams. A couple said yes, while the others all said no.


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